E-Hookahs Used Holistically for Stress-Relief

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Electronic Hookahs Pens are now being used medicinally for stress-relief. This is an innovative breakthrough for not only the vaping community, but health physicians and advocates. Specifically, the zero nicotine e-hookahs, or the e-hookahs which only contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, purified water and flavor additives. This is a huge advancement in stress-relief, as users can inhale deep clouds of flavored vapor; wonderful for those with oral fixations and those who practice rituals in order to calm their stress. Just like lighting candles and breathing in incenses; E-hookahs offer wonderful sensory and, as stated, are making headway for their potential health benefits.

E-hookahs are very similar to electronic cigarettes, though they differ in how they deliver their vapor. Though the technology is technically the same, E-Hookahs have been designed to draw deeper, produce more luscious water vapor for clouds and can be purchased with zero nicotine; a substance that health advocates are in fact against. The E-Hookahs with nicotine have also been used medicinally by health physicians to wean patient’s nicotine levels down until they reach the zero level e-hookahs. These devices are not smoking cessation devices, though many health advocates, physicians, doctors and therapists are recommending them based on their professional and individual opinions and knowledge of these electronic hookah pendevices and their potential health benefits.

Just like praying, meditating or simply listening to music; Electronic hookah pens have been found to be soothing and relaxing. Just like traditional hookahs, the E-Hookahs offer a state of relaxation that users can enjoy whenever they please. Because hookah pens are light and disposable, E-hookahs can be neatly tucked away nearly anywhere.

Many people who suffer from general anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar disorder and panic disorder are finding E-hookahs relaxing, easy and a convenient go-to for instant stress relief. Because the hookah pens (if the zero nicotine version was selected by the user) contains no nicotine and utilizes simple water vapor, the e-hookahs are being recommended as an easy implementation into the lives of those seeking holistic alternatives to medication and crutches like cigarettes, alcohol, erratic behavior and depression.

E-hookahs are not for everyone, as some find no medicinal value what so ever, however, many do. The only way to find out if electronic hookah pens would be beneficial for your stress-relief plan would be to talk to your physician and discuss the benefits in reference to your current situation. Your doctor may have never even considered or thought of E-Hookahs, or they could be very familiar with them. As many physicians continue to recommend e-hookahs for anxiety and stress-relief, their popularity only continues to rise, as many people use them to quit smoking as well. The medicinal benefits can be seen in many lights, as recent research has indicated that the added toxic chemicals in traditional tobacco cigarettes are also addictive, and contribute to depression and anxiety. The withdrawal from these toxins, including the nicotine, is known to further anxiety and depression. Electronic hookahs are being used, sometimes in conjunction, with tobacco products to wean patients from nicotine, ultimately decreasing the pain and depression associated with quitting smoking.

E-hookahs are a wonderful alternative to smoking, stress-relief and offer users a myriad of delicious flavors to choose from. Strawberry to Vanilla Ice Cream flavors can be purchased for as little as ten dollars. If electronic hookahs are something that you are interested in trying, we recommend reading more about them in addition to talking to your doctor. E-Hookahs have been successful for many, but they have not been approved by the FDA.

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The Innovative E-Hookah of Today

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Recently, Hookah Pens have gained massive popularity as the VTM and E-Cig market have rapidly taken off. From simple devices to extremely complicated mods; users of electronic devices are diving deeper and deeper into the large variety of flavors, nicotine levels and vapor delivery. What once started as a mere alternative to smoking (E-Cigs) has evolved into revolution that the entire world has been patiently watching unfold.

E-Cigs and Vaporizers (technically the same thing, more people refer to E-Cigs now as ‘Cig-a-likes’ these days) are very different, even though composed very similarly. Both use a battery, an atomizer and some form of flavor delivery. E-cigs are extremely easy to use and mock the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette while hookah penvaporizers are much more complex and require maintenance and filling of E-Liquid. For these reasons, many people stick to either one or the other: E-Cigs or vapes.
E-Hookahs have become wildly popular, as they are composed very similarly to electronic cigarettes, and come in many flavors other than the average tobacco and menthol. Many E-Hookahs also boast a better battery-life, something everyone likes. From shisha-like traditional flavors to exotic blends; E-Hookahs can be customizable and offer many flavor options.

E-hookahs seem to be the middle-ground for more flavor as people merge from E-Cigs to vaping. E-Hookahs are easy to operate, are inexpensive and are often disposable. They can be purchased in bundles with a large selection of flavors or individually (based on the company). Some companies even offer zero nicotine, perfect for ex-smokers and vapers looking to lessen their nicotine intake or ‘casually vape.’

E-Hookahs can often be spotted at bars, dance-clubs, vape shops and even vapor emporiums. Unlike traditional hookahs, E-Hookahs do not use combustion, fire or coal. They also do not pose the risk of burning coal-holes or ‘tipping over’. Not only do they create a huge fire hazard, but a mess that can be impossible to clean.
E-Hookahs are virtually odorless. Though they fill the palate with savory and sweet notes of shisha-like flavor, the vapor clouds exhaled contain little (if any smell). New E-Hookahs use propylene glycol (used in food and cosmetics), vegetable glycerin, water, flavor additives (sometimes natural, sometimes manmade) and nicotine (if the customer chooses/orders an E-Hookah which contains nicotine).

E-Hookahs can also be fun for adults at parties and at get-togethers. Instead of sharing the whips of a large, massive hookah, many people purchase packs of E-Hookahs and pass them around just as they would a whip. Many people enjoy drinking while doing this, thus, the E-Hookahs present far less mess and cleaning in the morning. In addition, E-Hookahs are often disposable. Just like beer cans and party plates, used E-Hookahs can simply be tossed, although many E-Hookahs have a very extensive battery-life.

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