The Innovative E-Hookah of Today

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Recently, Hookah Pens have gained massive popularity as the VTM and E-Cig market have rapidly taken off. From simple devices to extremely complicated mods; users of electronic devices are diving deeper and deeper into the large variety of flavors, nicotine levels and vapor delivery. What once started as a mere alternative to smoking (E-Cigs) has evolved into revolution that the entire world has been patiently watching unfold.

E-Cigs and Vaporizers (technically the same thing, more people refer to E-Cigs now as ‘Cig-a-likes’ these days) are very different, even though composed very similarly. Both use a battery, an atomizer and some form of flavor delivery. E-cigs are extremely easy to use and mock the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette while hookah penvaporizers are much more complex and require maintenance and filling of E-Liquid. For these reasons, many people stick to either one or the other: E-Cigs or vapes.
E-Hookahs have become wildly popular, as they are composed very similarly to electronic cigarettes, and come in many flavors other than the average tobacco and menthol. Many E-Hookahs also boast a better battery-life, something everyone likes. From shisha-like traditional flavors to exotic blends; E-Hookahs can be customizable and offer many flavor options.

E-hookahs seem to be the middle-ground for more flavor as people merge from E-Cigs to vaping. E-Hookahs are easy to operate, are inexpensive and are often disposable. They can be purchased in bundles with a large selection of flavors or individually (based on the company). Some companies even offer zero nicotine, perfect for ex-smokers and vapers looking to lessen their nicotine intake or ‘casually vape.’

E-Hookahs can often be spotted at bars, dance-clubs, vape shops and even vapor emporiums. Unlike traditional hookahs, E-Hookahs do not use combustion, fire or coal. They also do not pose the risk of burning coal-holes or ‘tipping over’. Not only do they create a huge fire hazard, but a mess that can be impossible to clean.
E-Hookahs are virtually odorless. Though they fill the palate with savory and sweet notes of shisha-like flavor, the vapor clouds exhaled contain little (if any smell). New E-Hookahs use propylene glycol (used in food and cosmetics), vegetable glycerin, water, flavor additives (sometimes natural, sometimes manmade) and nicotine (if the customer chooses/orders an E-Hookah which contains nicotine).

E-Hookahs can also be fun for adults at parties and at get-togethers. Instead of sharing the whips of a large, massive hookah, many people purchase packs of E-Hookahs and pass them around just as they would a whip. Many people enjoy drinking while doing this, thus, the E-Hookahs present far less mess and cleaning in the morning. In addition, E-Hookahs are often disposable. Just like beer cans and party plates, used E-Hookahs can simply be tossed, although many E-Hookahs have a very extensive battery-life.

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