Tips and tricks to clean bathroom cabinet hardware

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Bathroom may be a small area, but is the most important part of your home. A few square feet area is where you and your loved ones reenergize and rejuvenate senses. This place should be kept clean and tidy all the time in order to save it from catching mould and fungus, spoiling the overall appeal of your house. Regular cleaning and dry floors are key tasks to keep your bathroom from looking outdated. Lingering moisture can take a toll on both you and your bathroom. It can make your bathroom cabinet hardware look old and rusty. Effect can be devastating if cabinet knobs and pulls are of bronze.

No doubt, bronze is a classy way to upscale your bathroom, but that demands high care. The Steampunkish color gives your bathroom a warm appeal. Most people prefer bronze hardware over stainless steel or iron, not for the reason it offers a classy appeal to your bathroom but also because it fights corrosion better. You need to follow certain maintenance steps to keep bronze bathroom fixtures as good as new. Market is flooded with expensive cleaning solutions that make bronze bathroom hardware look as shiny as new but they can damage the fixtures. Here are a few easy tips and tricks you can follow to keep your cabinet hardware clean and shiny without damaging it.

Dust frequentlydream-kitchen

Cabinet hardware including handles and knobs are exposed to open environment making them prone to catching dust, stains of toothpaste and shaving gel, and other bathroom grime. Ignoring it for long can result in accumulation of a thick layer, leading to permanent stains. Frequent dusting with a soft and flannel cloth can protect your bathroom hardware from catastrophic effect.

Choose the right cleaning solution

Daily cleaning is the easiest way to keep bronze hardware free from green film and corrosion. Wiping the alloy surface with a soft cloth piece and the right cleaning solution can maintain its color and luster for years.

Get rid of grime

Bronze handles and knobs can start showing signs of aging if ignored for long, all thanks to a slimy layer of grime. A soft-bristled brush paired with a quality cleaning solution can help you get rid of grime. All you have to do is mix two tablespoon of salt into a big jar of warm water. Clean the hardware with the cleaning solution to remove dust and grime from cracks and rinse with warm water followed by clean water. Wipe softly with flannel cloth after cleansing.

Deep clean every three weeks

Deep cleaning in every three weeks is necessary to maintain fresh look of both cabinet as well as hardware. For deep cleaning, you need a thick paste of flour prepared in a cup of white vinegar and one tablespoon of salt. Apply a thin coat on each bronze bathroom fixture and allow the paste to dry. Rinse with warm water after an hour and wipe with a dry piece of flannel fabric.

Polish regularly

Polishing the fixtures with wax is the best way to restore lost shine of bronze. For this, all you have to do is dip a clean flannel cloth in liquid wax and wipe the fixture with it. Leave it for an hour to dry and buff with a dry soft cloth until you get the finish you want.

Prevent bronze from galvanic corrosion

Galvanic corrosion is a result of chemical reaction between chlorides from cleaning materials, oxygen and moisture. It is easy to identify. Green spots will start showing on your bathroom fixtures. It can be severe if left untreated for long. You need to take necessary measures to reduce chances of damage to the metal surface. Sodium sesquicarbonate is the most common solution used to remove green spots to prevent bronze from corroding.

Methodological cleaning is required even if you have regular metal cabinet hardware, i.e., stainless steel. This is because tiny dirt and dust particles find their way through your hands to crevices in knobs, handles and hinges, making them look grimy. However, cleaning stainless steel hardware is not as difficult as bronze bathroom fixtures; still you need to follow a regular cleaning routine to keep your bathroom and fixtures looking new and shiny. Unlike their bronze counterparts, stainless steel fixtures can be cleaned using basic cleaning material like soap, detergent and liquid dishwasher.

All you need is a bowl full of warm water and 4-5 drops of dishwasher liquid. Stir the mixture to create rich foam. Dip a piece of sponge in it and wring it before rubbing the fixtures. For grime and tough stains, you can use toothbrush. After gentle rubbing, rinse the hardware with clean water to remove liquid residue. Buff the hardware with a dry flannel cloth to bring back the lost shine.

Vinegar cleaning solution

If dishwasher liquid or detergent fails to bring back original shine to steel hardware, you can opt for domestic approach, i.e., vinegar.

Mix a cup of white vinegar solution in two cups of water and put the solution in a spray bottle. Shake it well and spray it on a rag to make it damp. Wipe the hardware with it, and rinse with clean water. Wipe the hardware dry with cloth to restore shine.

If vinegar does not help, go for a professional cleaning solution designed for removing ugly spots. If cabinet hardware requires sanitization after someone in your family has fallen ill, spray a small amount of chlorine bleach on the fixtures and allow it to dry up for 20 minutes and clean it with warm water. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves while using chlorine bleach.

If you are thinking of replacing cabinet hardware of your bathroom to give it a fresh new look, consider working on your existing one. Applying simple tips mentioned above can help you save big. Cleaning can be tough and tedious, but if you can find time for it, it can be a recreational activity you’ll enjoy and get a clean bathroom with shiny fixtures in prize.

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